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Adding a new Client

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017 03:32PM NZST

Adding a new Client

Click on the Main Tab  

Next click on    The below screen will appear.

Fill in the relevant fields; fill in as many of the fields as you can. Fields with “*required” means that they have to be completed

Select Client Opportunity: 
What we mean by opportunity is, in this example, when a client is at the stage of “Concept & Estimating” that from past experience you know there is a 50% opportunity of getting this client through to signing a contract.
The opportunities are customisable and are set up by your Company to reflect how your Company’s sales process or “Pipeline” works.
Most Clients are initially 10% “Inquiry/Database” but can be identified further as to how exactly they made the initial inquiry, for example Phone inquiry.


Email Marketing: 
When you want to create an email newsletter/mail campaign out you can pull your clients by the above “Opportunity's” so for example you might like to Email all those clients sitting in your data base from the ”Concept and Estimating” –  “Contract Presentation” to promote specifically to them that “if they sign up by the month’s end they will receive a free dishwasher”. Or after attending the Home Show, email all those leads thanking them from attending your stand.

Select Client Lead:  
A Client lead lets you identify what customers you consider to be “Hot”.
This can be clients with land and the finance, or maybe just ones you believe have a good
chance of signing with you.

Show More:
By clicking on the words "Show More" more fields will be displayed to enter additional information regarding the client. Please note the address details are meant for the client's current postal or residential address.

How did you hear about us?:
Asking the client what brought them to you and ranking what media was the most effective (5) to least (1) can be a very valuable tool when deciding on your marketing dollar spend. It produces a report for you to utilise.
Click on the arrow to show the selection (1-5) in the drop down list and rate the media.

Add Another Contact:
If there is another contact either a partner or maybe if it is an insurance build, the contact name of whomever is in charge of this project. They can also be loaded. Just click on “+ another contact person” and fields open to add an additional contact's information.

You can now either click on 'Save" or "Next". if you click on save we suggest you then add some "Follow Up'.

If you click on      this takes you to Enquiry specifications to collect more detailed information.
The work you have already done will be saved
 Enquiry Specification
This is where you can collect more detailed information on this client. Fill in any fields you are able to

File Upload
You can now upload any files pertaining to this customer, this can include Certificate of Tile, pictures of house ideas, plans they might like etc. You can scan anything they might have and save to your documents then upload to Rave.

Click on the Sub-tab  and the following screen will appear

 Select the file name from the drop down box

 If “other” is selected write in the name of the file in the field that is provided

Enter the DP No & Lot No# if known or a file name.                                                                                                            
Click on and locate and select the file required by highlighting it and click on

At this stage it is suggested that you document some client follow up. This will remind you what follow up is required for this newly added Client at a later date with a prompt on your dashboard 


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